Retailer Brand Experience, Brand Experience Congruence, and Consumer Satisfaction


  • Chiharu Ishida Illinois State University
  • Steven A. Taylor Illinois State University


In light of the recent development of the brand experience construct, a study was conducted in order to test (1) the usefulness of the concept in a retailing context and (2) how the brand experience with a focal retailer and that an alternative retailer operate as they lead to creation of brand personality, satisfaction, and loyalty. For the latter, recent methodological advancements were used based on Cheung's (2009) structural equation modeling-based latent congruence model (LCM). Brakus et al.'s (2009) model of brand experience was replicated for these purposes. The results show that a retail setting offers a unique perspective on brand experience and brand experience congruence, as well as their consequences.



— Updated on 2022-02-02


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