Measurement Scales in Consumer SAtisfaction/Dissatisfaction


  • Douglas R. Hausknecht University of Akron


In order to treat CS/D as a construct separate from attitude and other similar constructs, we must be able to measure it discretely. In fifteen years of CS/D research, many different measures and scales have been used to assess something called satisfaction. Inconsistencies in theory have led to inconsistencies in measurement which may be responsible for inconsistencies in reported results. This paper reviews over thirty measures which have been described in the literature. A taxonomy is developed that arrays the measures along two dimensions (1) cognitive, affective, conative concepts measured, and (2) verbal, graphic scale structure. Limited evidence regarding scale reliabilities is available. Construct validity is discussed in light of various concepts of satisfaction. Other reviews of CS/D measures have been selective, not exhaustive. The present paper provides a resource for those who wish to examine available measures and select the most appropriate. The ultimate goal is consensus theories and measures in CS/D.